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We may not be happy about the high price of fuel these days, but there just doesn't seem to be much we can do about it. But there is something we can do to control the amount of money we spend from our own personal budgets on fuel. The best way is through conservation. Conservation is not only good for our budget, but it is also important for our planet's natural resources and for the preservation of future generations.

Click on the icons and links provided below to access helpful energy tools and information.

Together We Save - Find out how little changes add up at Take the home tour or watch energy efficiency videos. Take it one step at a time. Choose an energy savings practice to see how the little changes add up.

Home Energy Saver Audit - Online This robust online audit will help you identify the best ways to manage and save energy in your home. The resource quickly calculates home energy use based on a detailed description of your home, its appliances and geographic location.

Home Energy Savings Guide
You have the power to control your energy costs. This Home Energy Savings Guide is a starting point to get you on the way toward better energy management for your home. In this booklet you’ll find valuable tips designed to create greater home comfort and improve performance. Learn how to save energy in all areas of your home. There is a list of additional resources located at the end of this booklet.

Light Bulb Energy Saver
Switching from regular incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescents can help make your home more energy efficient and save money. Find out how much you can save by using the Touchstone Energy Light Bulb calculator.

Seal the Deal
One of the best and easiest ways for consumers to save on their energy bills is to make sure that their home is properly sealed. Hidden cracks and improper insulation in your home can amount to as much heat loss as having a window open all year round. That is why Touchstone has teamed-up with Energy Star to bring you "Seal the Deal". Seal the Deal shows what you can do to seal those small cracks and insulate your house to reduce you energy bill.

Energy Savers Calculator - Find out how much you can save each year with a higher efficiency system by using the Service Experts Energy Calculator. 

Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator Calculates potential savings from replacing an old refrigerator with a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator. From ENERGY STAR.

Energy – A Web site to help households reduce their energy bills by making homes more energy efficient. The site includes resources for homeowners, contractors and builders, building managers, realtors, and states. Low-income assistance for weatherization and heating  Federal Energy Management Program: Office Energy Checklist – Tips for energy-saving activities at work include turning off lights and equipment that aren't in use, reusing paper, and eliminating disposable cups.

Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy & Money at Home – Find tips on ways to save energy at home and in your car.

Energy Hog – This site has fun games and activities to help kids and parents learn about energy efficiency, as well as student and teacher guides based on National Science Standards.

Powerful $avings: Tips to Save Money and Energy (Alliance to Save Energy) – Public service announcements with ideas for saving money and energy with home heating tips, gas tips and Energy Star product tips.


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