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Further Proof That Being a Member of Comanche Electric Cooperative Has Its Advantages


" "The Co-op Connections program is an absolutely free service to you, and is a way to look out for and help our members. The Co-op Connection card is just one of the programs we offer to help our members save money. This card is an attempt to give you more value for your dollar as a member of CECA. When you present your card at participating businesses, you get a discount! It's that easy. There is no charge, ever, to members at any time, or to businesses who participate.

The most exciting benefits of the program is the Prescription and Healthy Savings Discount.  Using the FREE Co-op Connections card, members can save 10% to 85% discount on prescription drugs at over 60,000 national and regional stores, including CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart and Target. Comanche Electric Cooperative members alone have already saved over $66,000.00 on prescription medications. In addition, members save 20% to 40% on most dental services, including orthodontics, periodontics, and endodontics; 20% to 60% on eyewear; 35% on hearing aid prices; 50% on chiropractic diagnostic services and treatments; and 10% to 60% on usual charges for MRI, CT and other lab procedures. Visit for details and a list of qualified providers.

The Co-op Connections program is just one more advantage to being a member of Comanche Electric Cooperative. For more information on the program as a member or a business, contact the Member Services department at 800-915-2533 or at

All questions concerning the card can be answered by contacting Shirley at 800-915-2533.


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