Capital Credits

Cooperative Principle #3

Members' Economic Participation

You are a member/owner of Comanche Electric Cooperative, and one way your ownership is reflected is through capital credits (your share of what's left over after the co-op pays it's expenses). Every month, you pay your bill for electric service, and the co-op pays the expenses incurred in providing that service. Any funds left over at the end of the year, "margins", provide equity for the co-op and you, the member. These funds are called "capital credits".

We retain a portion of these capital credits for two reasons:

1) As working capital to keep the co-op financially sound and to allow for emergencies, such as storm damage, which might require placement of poles and power lines; and
2) To retire debt and build equity in the co-op.

The total amount paid to members in the form of Capital Credits since 1938 is $10,873,371.80. The latest refund was in December of 2020. CECA refunded $750,000 for a portion of 1984 through 2019. This included estate refunds through 2019, in the amount of $3,030,786.63. Equity has remained stable in the last ten years at a rate of 48% in 2019 and 49% in 2020.

If you have any questions about capital credits or any of the operations of the co-op, just give us a call. It's your business.