CECA Classroom Teacher Grant

Sarah Childers with De Leon ISD received first place for her project that uses Google Expeditions.

The project will be a collaboration between five school districts:

What is a Classroom-Grant Program?

The CECA Operation Round-Up Classroom Grant Program is sponsored by the membership of Comanche Electric Cooperative through the Operation Round-Up program. Because the education of our youth is such a critical matter, the Operation Round-Up Board of Directors has approved to offer five (5) Classroom Grants of up to $1,000 each, to enhance the education of our youth.

Who may apply for these grants?
Any K-12 classroom teacher whose school or community is served by CECA, or whose students’ homes are served by CECA. The list of qualifying schools includes: Albany, Baird, Bangs, Blanket, Breckenridge, Brownwood, Cisco, Comanche, Cross Plains, De Leon, Early, Eastland, Goldthwaite, Gorman, Gustine, Hamilton, May, Moran, Mullin, Priddy, Ranger, Rising Star, Sidney, Zephyr.

Grants are limited to one grant per school per year. Each school may have multiple applications, and are encouraged to do so to increase your chances of being awarded a grant, but only one application per school will be approved.

What information do we need to know before applying for the grant?
The applications will be judged by the Operation Round-Up board and an appointed CECA group. Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
1. A project, educational tool, or field trip that demonstrates cooperation between students.
2. Appropriate for age and grade levels.
3. A project, educational tool, or field trip that encourages a high level of student involvement.
4. A project, educational tool, or field trip that indicates coordination with Comanche Electric Cooperative.
5. A project, educational tool, or field trip that focuses on student learning.
6. Overall quality of the application and adherence to grant guidelines.

What should be the focus of a proposal?
An eligible project, educational tool, or field trip should offer students an expanded learning opportunity that compliments and reinforces classroom study. The project, educational tool, or field trip should be limited only by the imagination of you and your students and the resources you have available.

How can the grant money be used?
The money must be expended in compliance with your proposal.

May the grant be used to extend/expand an existing project?
Yes, but in that case, clearly indicate the scope of the original project and for what part of the original project you plan to use the grant.

What kind of document or final report is required?
Each Classroom Grant winner must submit a written final report on their project or field trip. Educators are encouraged to include CECA in all plans. In some cases, CECA may be able to provide technical support in the form of classroom presentations, information, etc. In addition, CECA would like to feature your class and project, educational tool or field trip in the Texas Co-op Power magazine, and on the CECA website and Facebook page.

How do I apply?
The entry form can be completed above and submitted online.

Who do I contact for more information?
For more information contact CECA at 800-915-2533, or at memberservices@ceca.coop.

Classroom Teacher Recipients

Cassie Millican

    Cassie Millican with Heartland Special Education Cooperative in Early received a grant to purchase items for her sensory room.







Betsy Herron image

    Betsy Herron of Cisco received an award for her JAVA programming class to purchase robotics equipment.







Philip Beard

   Philip Beard of Comanche was awarded a grant to purchase a Dialarc AC/DC welder.