Made In Texas By Texans

Comanche Electric Cooperative (CECA) has its roots in the tough-minded, independent spirit of the men and women who made their living off the land. By the mid-1930's, 98 percent of the farmers and ranchers of rural Texas were still pumping water by hand, lighting their houses with kerosene lamps, burning wood for warmth, and cooking and working by dint of muscle and grit, while people in the cities enjoyed the labor saving benefits of electricity.

Although nearly 40 percent of Texans lived in rural areas, private utility companies saw no potential for profit in extending power lines across great expanses of countryside. Recognizing the far-reaching advantages of bringing electricity to rural America, Congress, in 1935, approved the Rural Electrification Administration. Government-backed loans opened the way for rural communities to form member-owned electric and telephone cooperatives.


CECA was created in 1938 to serve the rural areas of North Central Texas in our service area. Today your cooperative serves seven counties with approximately 5,000 miles of line. The membership consists of more than 8,800 members being served at more than 16,000 meters. Electric service with CECA ranges from fence chargers to industrial sites, schools to hospitals. Our goal is to deliver "the highest quality service possible at the most practical price".

The Board of Directors employ a manager who is responsible to them for all operational details and functions of the cooperative. Your directors are elected at the annual meeting of the members held in October of each year.

CECA is active in all communities including volunteer work, committees, helping secure grants, board members of various organizations, and many other activities. Our three service centers are located within our service territory for easy member access and availability.

Co-op Facts

CECA has assets of approximately $72 million, and approximately 230 million kilowatt hour sales annually. The average consumer on CECA lines uses 1,211 kWh per month.

CECA purchases its wholesale power from Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. Brazos Electric, founded in 1941, generates and transmits wholesale power to sixteen member-owner distribution cooperatives like CECA. Brazos Electric uses energy risk management programs to reduce natural gas and energy price volatility for it's members. Brazos Electric currently operates various generation resources that use natural gas, hydro electric, and solid fuel (lignite coal) as a fuel source. Brazos is also a founding member of the National Renewable Cooperative Organization (NRCO). The NRCO was formed in March 2008 by rural electric cooperatives to focus on the development and deployment of renewable energy across the United States. Participation in the NRCO allows cooperatives to jointly work together to pool resources into a single national program to support the expansion of renewable energy resources.

CECA is also a member of Texas Electric Cooperatives (TEC). TEC is a statewide organization founded in 1941, and is located in Austin, Texas. TEC was created and supported by most cooperatives in the state to:

  • obtain the fairest possible treatment from state government, through acquainting legislators and other officials with the rural electric co-op's plans, activities and problems.
  • enlist the active support of communities, through explaining the value of the cooperative to the community, and explaining the cooperative's economy.
  • provide a clearing house where leaders could exchange ideas and experiences on common problems and opportunities.
  • preserve and strengthen individual cooperatives by bringing them supplementary support services.

Additionally, CECA is an active member of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). NRECA was organized in 1942 and is located in Washington, DC. NRECA was organized to unite all of the rural electric systems under one banner to protect their interests, and provide support to help them serve rural America.



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