"Ignite the Flight" Portfolio Training is the brainchild of former coach and school administrator Ronnie Clifton. In his forty years of public school, Clifton has served as a coach and teacher, Athletic Director, and Principal. Following his retirement as principal of Comanche High School, Ronnie taught a class that focused on preparations for higher education, career path research, work force readiness, and potential military inclusiveness. His curriculum encouraged students to take classes of rigor in school and learn how to balance the academic load with extracurricular activities, work and community service through organizational skills.

 Because of his success with his preparation of students for life after High School, Clifton realized the need for, and has designed a digital, online portfolio building program. During his program he will train the students on how to build the portfolio, what type of items to include, and how to utilize it for their future. He also speaks to the students motivationally to encourage each one to set goals and use his designed portfolio to assist them in attaining those goals.

In three years of teaching students in their post-high school preparation, Clifton has had three students awarded Gates Millennium Scholarships. Usually around 1,400 scholarships are awarded annually for Hispanic students across the United States. In 2008 two of those came to students in Clifton's class and two years later yet another student was a recipient. The Gates Scholarships helped them not only financially in their college careers, but have allowed them to grow as young people through their service to others.

 Clifton presented his program in July at the Texas State PTA Leadership Seminar, and received excellent feedback from attending administrators. He will present again in October at a meeting of the Texas Midwest Community Network.

In addition to the student program, Clifton also presents professional programs for staff members.

Clifton is a former coach, teacher, and administrator for Comanche ISD and served three terms as mayor of Comanche.

For more information, visit his website at www.ignitetheflight.weebly.com.

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